Organisers of African Film Festival (TAFF) have concluded plans to host this year’s edition online due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Speaking on the development, Festival Director and Founder, Mr. Kelechi Eke said the four-day event will kick off on Tuesday, June 2 through Saturday, June 6, 2020 and will feature film screenings, online workshops, training sessions and then climax with TAFF Awards.

“TAFF will showcase one of a kind independent film festival that will promote African culture, address issues affecting Africa and explore African landmarks and historic leaders. This festival strives to bridge cultures through films by inviting a diverse audience to celebrate some of the best films from and about the African continent. TAFF 2020 attendees will be treated to an exploration of the African continent through the global lens and voices of talented filmmakers. This edition will be accessible worldwide,” he explained.

A filmmaker and software engineer, Eke stated further that guests for this year’s festival will have the privilege of watching the film selections in the comfort of their homes as well as on demand, adding that a film portal, Rootflix will showcase the selected films and award ceremony.

On the decision to host this year’s edition online, Eke said: “There was a desire to reschedule the event due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, we opted to host it online and stream it globally. With so much uncertainly amid COVID-19, and since no one can accurately predict when it might actually be possible to host the event in a safe and responsible manner, hence the decision to host it online.”

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