In the midst of a global pandemic that saw the Kenyan government put in place a curfew for its netizens, Vera decided she was going to spend hers in Nigeria.

Early in the week, the bootyful socialite was spotted partying and having a good time in a club in Nigeria, you’d think she’d just come to life.

She shared a short clip chuckling with friends before shying away from the cameras.

However, a Nigerian doctor identified as Badmus Tommy Daniel sweetly reminded the Kenyan beauty:

Be safe out there 🙏

Aww, a coy Vera then replied:

Thanks Hun 🥰❤️😘


The internet sensation seems to be having a thing for doctors after ditching her most recent ex, Dr Jimmy Chansa from Tanzania barely just last month.

Her new flame, Dr Tommy is a gynecologist and former model based in Dubai. Doubling up as a motivational speaker and influencer.

Nigerian Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel

We are well aware by now what happens the minute you send a signal to Kenyan fans of a possible in-law and a hunk one for that matter.


Impressed fans came in:

@queenveebosset senjeee, halo halo halo halo👀 I’m I smelling a new in law?🙈

But a section felt doctors were just not her type.

Well, for the profound critics:

miss_baraza Another doc? The last one couldn’t maintain Vee’s body, alikua anakaa intern. This one will do her free surgeries till she grows old 😁

Check out photos of the globetrotting Nigerian medic below:


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