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Inter miss the chance to go two points clear at the top of the table again, but they have gone back above Juventus on goal difference. They’ll be missing some of their key players through suspension next weekend, but will be hoping to get back to winning ways so they go into the break on top. The draw ends Fiorentina’s losing streak and sees them go back into 13th ahead of another tough game against Roma next time out.

Fiorentina leave it late to equalise and rescue a 1-1 draw with Inter. The away side opened the scoring just eight minutes in when Valero caught out Dragowski at his near post to score against his old club. Martinez then had a goal ruled out by VAR after he fired past the keeper from a one-on-one situation as Lukaku had been offside in the build-up. Fiorentina improved in the second half and got their reward in stoppage time when Vlahovic scored a brilliant solo goal with a run that started in his own half.


90′ + 6′ The tensions are rising on the bench and the referee goes across to show Montella a yellow card after his protests towards a foul by D’Ambrosio.

90′ + 4′ Fiorentina look confident following the goal and they win it back quickly from the restart. Vlahovic has dropped deep into his own half to get on the ball once again, but he’s fouled by Skriniar.


90′ + 2′ BRILLIANT GOAL! Fiorentina break quickly on the counter-attack and Vlahovic gets hold of the ball in his own half and runs it into the box. He’s being tightly marked by Skriniar, but he holds off the defender before curling his shot over Handanovic and into the far side of the net. 1-1!

90′ This time, Lirola puts a good cross into the box from the right and he’s looking for Vlahovic in the middle. He tries to go for the overhead kick but ends up missing the ball and catching D’Ambrosio instead.


88′ Bastoni was caught by a heavy challenge and he’s limping off the field after some treatment, so Godin comes on to replace him.

86′ Inter are being pegged back in their own half at the moment as Fiorentina try and find a way past them to get a late equaliser. It looks like a chance has gone to waste when Eysseric overhits his pass, but Dalbert keeps it in and picks out Pulgar. He fires his shot towards goal, but it’s high over the bar.


84′ Valero is the other player to make way, and he comes off to a standing ovation from both sets of fans, as Agoume comes on.


84′ Conte is making a double change now and Martinez is the first to make way as Politano comes onto the pitch.

V. Eysseric

G. Castrovilli


83′ Final roll of the dice from Florentina now and it’s Castrovilli that’s coming off to be replaced by Eysseric.

82′ Fiorentina are keeping the ball well high up the field, but all of their possession is in front of Inter. They work it out to Castrovilli on the right and he swings a cross into the box. It’s no good yet again though and Inter have it back.


80′ The yellow card is out again and this time it’s shown to Pulgar after he catches Brozovic with a challenge from behind.

78′ Dragowski is still receiving treatment after that challenge from Martinez and he looks quite groggy as he gets back to his feet. He’s signalling that he’s struggling to see but he doesn’t want to come off and goes back to stand on his goal line.


76′ Martinez is the latest player to be shown a yellow card when he accidentally caught the goalkeeper in the face when he was going for the ball. That means that he will also be missing the match against Genoa through suspension.

75′ De Vrij lifts a great pass over the top of Fiorentina’s midfield and Martinez is waiting to get on the end of it. He goes against Dragowski to try and win it but ends up fouling the goalkeeper in the process.


73′ Fiorentina set off on the counter-attack and Valero pulls back Boateng and has his name taken by the referee.

73′ GOOD SAVE! Lukaku does really well to get away from Pezzella on the edge of the six-yard box as he turns to get in on goal. He keeps his shot low, but it’s straight at Dragowski who saves it with his legs.

71′ Inter are controlling the pace of the game again at the moment as they patiently keep hold of the ball and move out from the back. They’re looking to Valero down the left and he wins a corner for his side after a clever bit of skill to get away from Lirola.

Dalbert Henrique

Yellow Card


69′ Dalbert slides in to try and win the ball back from D’Ambrosio and he’s shown a yellow card for the challenge.

68′ Dalbert gets away from D’Ambrosio down the left and curls a cross into the box from the byline. It’s cleared away at the near post by Skriniar, but only as far as Caceres, but his cross is a wild one that flies high out of play.


66′ Second change for Fiorentina now and it’s Benassi that’s coming on to replace Badelj.

65′ GOOD SAVE! It’s a great effort from Castrovilli from outside the box and his effort is dipping towards the bottom left corner. Handanovic gets down well though to get a strong hand to it to push it away.

63′ CLOSE! Biraghi is allowed space on the left wing once again and he whips a brilliant cross into the middle of the box. Martinez rises highest to meet it and flicks his effort towards goal, but it sails just wide of the near post.

61′ Fiorentina are just starting to find their rhythm again now as they’re pushing forward with more intent than before. They win a corner which Pulgar goes across to take, but his corner swings out of play before going into the box, so Inter have the ball back.


59′ Montella makes the first change of the game as he looks to get his side back into it. Chiesa is making way for Vlahovic.

58′ Lukaku has dropped deep to get hold of the ball and he runs at Pezzella to get to the edge of the box. Instead of going for goal, he looks to set up Martinez, but gets the pass wrong and gives the ball away to Dragowski.

56′ Fiorentina have finally managed to get hold of the ball now and Badelj is trying to get his team on the attack. He’s looking for Chiesa with his throughball but ends up gifting it back to Skriniar instead.

54′ Inter are just slowing the pace of the game down a little now as they keep the ball around the halfway line. Fiorentina are keeping their shape well though and closing down the space so the away side can’t move into it.


52′ Badelj goes to challenge Vecino for the ball but catches him as his foot is high and he’s shown a yellow card.

51′ CLOSE! Castrovilli lays the ball off to Pulgar on the edge of the box and the midfielder decides to go for goal. He drills his shot low towards the far bottom corner, but can’t get it on target as it rolls wide of the post.

50′ Fiorentina are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute. They’re trying to play out from the back, but their passing is sloppy and it’s making it harder for them to move upfield.

48′ Inter have kept hold of the ball really well in the opening couple of minutes and have been putting Fiorentina under pressure. Valero and Biraghi link up well down the left wing, but Biraghi can’t pick out a team-mate with his cross into the box.

46′ Fiorentina get us back underway for the second half!

Conte’s side had the clearer chances in the first half, but they’ve barely had any shots on goal. He will want to see more from them going forward after the break if they want to secure the win to go back top. Fiorentina have look very dangerous when attacking and have forced some good saves from Handanovic. They haven’t been as strong at the back though and need to improve on that in the second half.

Inter take a 1-0 lead into the break against Fiorentina. It took them just eight minutes to open the scoring when Brozovic picked out Valero who cut back inside to find the bottom corner against his old side. They could have had a second when Martinez wasn’t picked up in the box and was one-on-one with Dragowski when he fired his shot into the bottom corner, but it was ruled out by VAR as Lukaku was offside in the build-up.


45′ + 2′ Chiesa drifts past Bastoni on the right and he whips a brilliant cross into the box. Handanovic was off his line so dived across to try and push it away in the middle of the box, but missed and was lucky a Fiorentina player wasn’t waiting behind him.

45′ Boateng pulls away from De Vrij on the right of the box and looks to get a shot in from a tight angle. Handanovic is quickly off his line though to come and smother the chance.

43′ GREAT SAVE! Biraghi whips a brilliant cross into the box from the left wing and he picks out Lukaku in the middle of the box. It’s a good header by him but Dragowski dives across his line and gets a strong hand to it to push it off his goal line.

42′ Castrovilli has just turned with the ball and pulled up holding his knee. He’s limping around but isn’t getting any treatment for it, but he may not be able to carry on for much longer.

40′ IT’S DISALLOWED! Lukaku had just drifted offside before the ball was rolled through to him by Valero, so the goal has been chalked off. Still 1-0!

39′ MARTINEZ SCORES! Lukaku squares the ball to Martinez and he’s alone in the penalty area. He has time to take a touch and set himself as he’s one-on-one with the goalkeeper and he rolls the ball past Dragowski to nestle it into the bottom left corner, but VAR are having a look at it.

38′ Fiorentina have been getting into some dangerous positions high up the field in the last few minutes, but their crosses into the box have been letting them down. Lirola and Pulgar have both had chances to put a ball in, but neither has been able to beat the first man.

36′ Chiesa goes down again under a challenge from Bastoni and he’s receiving some treatment for it now. He’s quickly back to his feet though and it looks like he’s going to be able to carry on.

34′ It’s almost a second goal for Inter as Milenkovic tries to clear the ball in his own six-yard box but doesn’t realise how close Lukaku is to him. He hits the ball against the Belgian and gets lucky as the ball flies into the side netting.

33′ Pulgar has three chance to put a cross into the box and with the first two, he doesn’t beat the first man. On his third attempt, he curls a great cross into Chiesa at the far post, but he can’t get enough power on the header to beat Handanovic.


32′ Bastoni picks up a yellow card after he got too tight to Chiesa and brought down the forward.

31′ Dalbert squares the ball into the box from the left and Chiesa can’t make the right contact on it to send it towards goal. He touches it onto Boateng, who goes for the back heel, but De Vrij gets across to block it.

29′ Chiesa drops deep to pick up the ball and then makes a good run down the right side. He gets ahead of D’Ambrosio and puts a cross into the box from the byline, but it’s straight into Handanovic’s gloves.


27′ Brozovic catches the back of Castrovilli’s heels as he’s trying to win the ball back and he’s shown the first yellow card of the game. That also means he’ll miss the game next weekend against Genoa.

25′ Boateng is having to drop deeper into midfield to get hold of the ball at the moment. The home side are keeping hold of it well, but they’re struggling to get in behind Inter at the moment.

23′ Valero is caught late by Milenkovic on the left wing and Inter have a free-kick in a dangerous position. Brozovic swings a cross into the box, but he doesn’t beat the first man as Pezzella heads it clear.

21′ Valero has found the back of the net after 588 days without scoring in Serie A (the last goal he scored was in May 2018). He’s now the oldest midfielder to score a goal this season.

19′ Inter are struggling to get a touch on the ball due to how confident Fiorentina are in possession. The home side are getting into some good positions, especially down the right side with Lirola and Chiesa.

17′ Fiorentina are enjoying a good spell of possession at the moment as they peg Inter back in their own half. Their final ball into the box has been letting them down in the last few minutes though and it’s easy for Inter to get it clear.

15′ GREAT SAVE! It’s well worked upfield by Fiorentina as Lirola lays the ball off to Badelj on the edge of the box. He strikes it first time but manages to curl it around his defender and it’s going into the top corner, but Handanovic dives across to push it away.

13′ GOOD CHANCE! This time, Lukaku does manage to pick out Martinez as he puts a good cross into the box from the right. Martinez has his back to goal and decides to go for the overhead kick. He gets it on target, but it’s straight at Dragowski.

12′ Lukaku picks up the ball on the edge of the box and instantly tries to lay the ball off to Martinez. He misjudges where his strike partner is though and gives the ball straight back to Fiorentina.

10′ Fiorentina have a chance to get back level again here as Caceres picks out Dalbert on the edge of the box. He strikes it well, but it’s straight at the goalkeeper as Handanovic holds onto the shot.


8′ Brozovic gets his head up on the edge of the box and spots Valero in space on the left of it before sliding his pass through to him.


8′ INTER LEAD! Valero is being closed down by Milenkovic when he gets the ball from Brozovic, but he cuts back inside and wrongfoots him. He fires his shot low and beats the keeper as it nestles into the bottom corner and he scores against his old club. 1-0 Inter!

7′ Badelj catches Martinez with a heavy challenge and he stays down, holding his ankle. He doesn’t need any treatment, but Badelj does have to go over to the medical team as he was caught in the face and his nose is bleeding.

5′ It’s confident play from Inter as they continue to play out from the back and Biraghi is given a lot of space down the left side. He puts a deep cross into the box, but he can’t pick out a team-mate.

3′ Inter have seen more of the ball in the opening couple of minutes as Lukaku tries to switch play out to D’Ambrosio on the right. He doesn’t get enough on the pass though which allows Fiorentina to clear their lines.

1′ Fiorentina already have a problem here after Chiesa goes to ground following a challenge from De Vrij. He’s back to his feet without getting any treatment, but he’s moving quite gingerly.

1′ Lukaku gets the game underway for Inter!

The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away.

Fiorentina haven’t lost in their last five Serie A home games against Inter (W3 D2) – they haven’t recorded a longer unbeaten run against Inter since 2000 (12).

Antonio Conte makes just the one change from the team that played Barcelona. Bastoni comes into the backline in place of Godin, who drops down to the bench.

Vincenzo Montella makes four changes to his side after their loss to Torino last time out as he brings in Pezzella, Badelj, Lirola and Boateng. Ceccherini, Ghezzal, Benassi and Vlahovic start on the bench.

INTER SUBS: Matteo Politano, Tommaso Berni, Andreas Ranocchia, Daniele Padelli, Valentino Lazaro, Federico Dimarco, Lucien Agoume, Diego Godin, Sebastiano Esposito.

INTER STARTING XI (3-5-2): Samir Handanovic; Milan Skriniar, Stefan de Vrij, Alessandro Bastoni; Danilo D’Ambrosio, Matias Vecino, Borja Valero, Marcelo Brozovic, Cristiano Biraghi; Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez.

FIORENTINA SUBS: Pietro Terracciano, Dusan Vlahovic, Rachid Ghezzal, Sebastian Cristoforo, Luca Ranieri, Lorenzo Venuti, Szymon Zurkowski, Riccardo Sottil, Valentin Eysseric, Federico Cecccherini, Marco Benassi, Pedro.

FIORENTINA STARTING XI (3-5-2): Bartlomiej Dragowski; Mikola Milenkovic, German Pezzella, Martin Caceres; Pol Lirola, Erick Pulgar, Milan Badelj, Gaetano Castrovilli, Dalbert; Kevin-Prince Boateng, Federico Chiesa.

Inter come into this game second in the table after Juventus’ win over Udinese earlier today, but they do have the chance to go back to the top if they avoid defeat. They have only lost one of their last six matches in all competitions (W4 D1), but that came last time out against Barcelona in the Champions League. Fiorentina are currently on a four-match losing run in the league which they will be hoping to end with a win in this game.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Fiorentina and Inter at the Artemio Franchi Stadium!

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