• Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19
  • He has a net worth of around $400 million
  • The Duke of Cornwall is self-isolating in Birkhall on the Balmoral estate

Prince Charles’s net worth is $400 million. Where does he get his income and how did he build his massive fortune?

Well, most of it comes with being a prince and the son of the Queen of England. Being part of the Royal Family certainly has its perks. For one, he does not have to spend a single centavo for all his needs since they are being taken care of by the Duchy of Cornwall. The combined total net worth of the Royal Family is a whopping $88 billion.

Trump may have given Thunberg a wide berth -- but she did get a royal handshake out of Prince Charles in Davos Trump may have given Thunberg a wide berth — but she did get a royal handshake out of Prince Charles in Davos Photo: CLARENCE HOUSE / –

In 2019, the Duke of Cornwall revealed that he received a total of at least $815 million from the Duchy of Cornwall, Sovereign Grant and Government Departments, per FOX Business. The Duchy of Cornwall has an estimated war chest of about $1.3 billion in assets. It covers for the transportation, clothing and living expenses of the members of the Royal Family. The estates reach the lands in southwest England. 

The Royal Family is responsible for bringing in $2.3 billion to the U.K. economy annually. However, Prince Charles is not considered the wealthiest in the family. That throne remains with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II with half a billion dollars as net worth. 

The Prince of Wales maintains an impressive car collection. He was gifted with a Aston Martin Volante DB6, which he converted to a car that consumes wine as gas. After 15 years, the car was sent back in 2008 and the manufacturer decided to display it at its headquarters. In November 2019, it was up for auction with a starting bidding price of $354,000. He also owns a 1989 V8 Vantage, as per Tempcover.

Just recently, Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19. With his advanced age, it normally raised concerns from supporters. But the 71-year-old heir apparent to the throne has mild symptoms, according to Business Insider. It was not clear where he got the virus, but Prince Charles attended a meeting with Prince Albert of Monaco who tested positive earlier in March.

Prince Charles and his wife Camila are staying in the Birkhall on the Balmoral estate for the meantime. They need to undergo self-quarantine to manage the spread of the disease. The house used to be a place where they spend summer retreats but now, the 53,000-acre estate is being used as an isolation camp. Hello Magazine reports that the 18th-century residence appears to have Prince Charles’ mementos displayed in the reception area. He inherited the property in 2002.

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